Merops Orientalis

Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 8 x 10

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Immerse yourself in this beautiful wildlife painting. A little green
bee-eater rests peacefully on a branch, blending in with the
honey-yellow flowers. Despite its bright green body, this Asian
green bee-eater is a master of camouflage and merges into the
forest green background of this composition. Strokes of dark
blue and yellow spread along its flight and tail feathers. A tinge
of pale blue highlights its chin and throat, while a black line
characteristic to the species marks the crimson eye. The long
black bill is closed, resting. The bird looks directly at us,
observing us as if it is a hardly captured fleeting moment. Better
than a photograph ever could, this painting seizes the essence of
the wildlife depicted, and there is a quiet and relaxed feel to this
scene as if nothing could endanger the bird. The green
background’s softness and the calm of the floral composition
surrounding the little passerine contribute to a serene effect
celebrating nature’s diversity, elegance, and harmony. This bird
is mainly found in Asia and actively present in India, my

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