Roses Outburst

Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 20 x 20

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Roses, the sensual flowers of excellence and favorite flowers of the arts,
are, here again, portrayed in a striking painting. While the impressionist
aspect of this piece could let us think that there is no organization to this
floral painting, the fluid brushstrokes and the clever arrangement speak
otherwise. The voluptuous bouquet of roses, with their big petals of
pale and deep pinks, is surrounded by an undefined backdrop with
matching pink tones merging the lot into a cohesive and calming
ensemble. The dabble of green leaves highlights the beauty of this
composition. The lost bud, isolated in the top left corner of the canvas,
references the classical symbolism of painted flowers in all their life
stages. This botanic picture suddenly becomes more than an image but
an ambassador to life’s fragility and transient nature. The big blooms are
scattered on the canvas in a vibrant diagonal, presenting the group in a
natural rhythm as if the plant was climbing a wall as you would find it in
a garden. The flowers have a tactile quality that allows this painting to
bring the outside in, giving its owner a private and eternal garden.

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