Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 26 x 24

For prints:


Fine Art America


Warm ochres, bright yellows, uplifting oranges, and soothing purples dominate this composition, where giraffes rest in a tender embrace. The dark clouds in the sky and the gold grass divide the painting into a horizontal triptych. In this triptych, the bright center scene becomes the focus of the viewers’ attention. There is something truthfully sweet and calming about this scene. The warm tones of the landscape and the tenderness emanating from the giraffes produce a very serene canvas. One can feel the animal’s bond and love as they stand in the middle of this open field. Playing with its title, “Peek-A-Boo” follows the principles of the infant hide-and-seek game: surprise, balanced with expectation. At first glance, only two giraffes are visible. However, we are soon surprised by the apparition of a third giraffe, a small calf hidden behind its parents’ legs and body. That revelation is, however, balanced with the expectation that the title gave us of something hiding. If we can not see the calf at first, we find ourselves looking for it, expecting something to appear as we take a second look at the canvas.


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