What Do You See?


Painting, Oil on gessoed paper

Size: 12 x 20

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A peaceful painting with a touch of mystical, “What do you see?” is inspired by my deceased blind grandmother. Imagining how she dreamt of the world and the nature around her, this composition is a beautiful, appeasing painting with clouds, dunes, and a beautiful starry night. Where the presence of a face in the sky could be ominous, this is not the case here. The eyes are not looking judgingly down on the world but straight at us as if to reassure us. There is something strangely protective about this figure, and one could easily get lost in the beauty of its eyes. Playing with the triangular shapes of the dunes, what we see of the celestial visage is a reverse triangle emphasizing its presence and creating a symbolic hourglass. The night sky covered with stars contrasts with the bright deserting sand and blue sky of the lower part of the painting. A star and a moon crescent ornaments accompany the clouds. A bright moon illuminates the celestial figure while the sun glows triumphantly behind a cloud. These elements leave us with a comforting feeling that while the seasons pass quickly, we can make the most of it and enjoy our time on Earth.


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