Peony Blossoms

Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 24 x 24

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Watch the delicate peonies come to life and almost bloom in front of
you in this beautiful oil painting. The bright petals lie on the canvas in
harmonious pinks and soft rosy whites. The fresh, sweet citrusy plant’s
aroma is tangible, exploding out of the canvas and filling the room it
rests in. The exquisite bouquet, contrasting with the dark background,
seems to be an attempt at painting the light. The artfully arranged
bouquet against the unlit background, not too dissimilar to chiaroscuro
techniques, empowers the vibrant flowers, and we can almost inhale
their calming scent. The life emanating from these blooms is like a
breath of fresh air that captivates the viewers into a quiet meditation.
Standing the test of time, these peonies seem to taunt us into a
soothing dream. At the center of the composition, a dash of yellow, the
flower’s stamen, shines at us, reminding us in a sensual way the
principal purpose of the flower: reproduction. There is an erotism
combined with peacefulness to this composition that will appeal to any
art lover looking to complete their collection with a comforting piece.

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