Hidden Treasure


Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 30 x 30

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Fine Art America

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“Hidden treasures” is a powerful message asking us to pause and look in nature’s wonders to find serenity.

The top of the canvas, with its burning red sky and stormy sea, contrasts with the peacefulness of the underwater world full of wonders and treasures. The two vibrant colors, orange shades, and blue shades, separate the two; the land and the water.

Above the sea, a storm breaks and crashes in powerful and threatening waves. The two are strong elements of the world hence should not be mixed, or they can cause destruction. When the water takes over the land, it is meant to destroy it, and the land can not sustain itself inside water.

In the middle of this beautiful marine display full of life, a ship’s wreck lies inert with its treasure spread on the sea bed. Not concerned with these material riches, the fish swim peacefully around them. In a materialistic world, physical goods are often focus of our lives. simple yet powerful composition reminds us that behind the chaos of our lives lies something more valuable lies.


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