Fisherman In The Sunset


Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 16 x 20

For prints:


Fine Art America


This timeless composition captures the everyday serenity of a fisherman. As we rest our eyes on the sunset, we are hypnotized by the warm nuances of crimson reds, gold, fiery oranges, and purplish greys. Carefully planned, the composition uses the oars and the curves of the gentle waves to focus our attention on the dreamy rower. If you let this image rock you into a soothing trance, you can hear the sound of the water softly striking the boat and feel the warmth of the last sun’s rays. You can smell the salty air and feel the caress of the wind on your cheeks. The undefined location allows you to transport yourself into the painting and pause for an instant. Like a free holiday, this calm seascape offers the escape we all crave from our busy lives. As you venture into this peaceful dream, you can forget the stress of the contemporary world. The quiet nature of the scene helps find some spiritual peace, where despite the chaos of modern life, some things are immutable, like a sunset. Nothing seems to be able to disturb this little paradise of water and sky.


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